Rogue Squad

RogueAlso known as Project: Rogue or Rogue Division, Rogue Squad is an independent crime-fighting syndicate formed by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Clay Quartermain. Agent Quartermain established the supergroup to combat terrorist threats, supervillain attacks and local disturbances above and beyond the capabilities of the police department. Though once considered a small, auxiliary branch of a much larger organization, Rogue Squad has since proven their loyalty and abilities as a equal to the mightiest of Earth’s heroes.

The roster of Rogue Division has changed frequently, and each established line-up is designated with a zodiac moniker. The last group, designated “Gemini Order” was the assimilation of two smaller groups. They included:

  • Black Widow – A master assassin and technological expert.
  • Hail-Fire – Imbued with flight, strength and energy projectiles by mystic stones.
  • X-Treme – A former actor turned hero when an accident granted him power over fire and ice.
  • Rising Sun – Though centuries old, an amnesiac sword-fighter who appeared to be only a little girl.
  • Keshali – An emissary from the Fairy Kingdom, who could change her form at will.
  • Monochrome – Powerhouse granted incredible strength and durability by the essence of shadow.
  • Nightfall – Former criminal turned informant and detective for the government.
  • Blue Wolf – An immortal Native American able to channel lightning and commune with animals.
  • Silver Phoenix – Descended from Atlanteans, a chrome-skinned and winged warrior.
  • Bullseye – An immensely strong and powerful warrior who could channel and redirect energy.
  • Dragon – Once a member of the Yakuza crime syndicate, a fierce martial artist who could control water.

The nine remaining heroes – all but Monochrome and Nightfall, who had left the squad years ago – battled the arch villains of Ghosthawk into the dreaded Phantom Zone shortly after the terrorist attack on Washington D.C. They have not returned since.

Rogue Squad

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